Saiwai Shimoina Wadaiko Festival

The Saiwai Fringe Festival
The Super Show | Tickets

The Saiwai Fringe Festival
The Saiwai Fringe Festival is an indoor fringe performance festival which starts from 10:00a.m until 12p.m.  Altogether, 6 to 8 groups perform for up to 20 minutes each during the festival.
Registration is now open for groups who wish to perform at the 2018 Saiwai Fringe Festival. If you would like to register for the Saiwai Fringe Festival, please fill out this form (pdf): and send to the Wadaiko Tokara Office via email, fax or post by May 24th, 2018.

The Super Show
The Saiwai Shimoina Super Show continues it's climb to be one of the most spectacular events in Shimoina with powerful performances from different guests artist each year, as well as Iida City's own Wadaiko Tokara.  
We are very happy to welcome the special guest performing group, Dadadadan Tenko who will perform at the 2018 Super Show.
The Super Show will begin at 7:00p.m. in the Iida Kouminkan Theater.


The Super Show (on sale from April 3rd)
Advance Purchase:

Adult: 3000yen per person.
Child: 2000yen per person (age 5 to 17)

Rush Purchase:
Adult: 3500yen per person.
Child: 2500yen per person (age 5 to 17)

** Post Office Direct Deposit (throughout Japan)**
You can pick up up a Post Office payment slip (Haraikomi Toriatsukai-hyo) at any post office around Japan.  With this slip please make payment at the post office.
Please understand that you are responsible for the payment surcharge.
Domestic shipping charges are 350yen per order.
(sent using Letter Pack 350)

** Local Ticket Vendors **
From April 3rd, Saiwai Shimoina Super Show tickets will be sold at the following locations:
1. Iida Community Center Box Office
2. AEON Superstore (Iida City)
3. Apita Superstore (Iida City)
4. Heiando Books and Music Stores (Iida City and Takamori)
5. Misaka Ryokan Japanese Inn (Achi Village)

***Advance purchase is before the performance day.
      Rush purchase starts on the morning of the performance day.

For all events:
Please understand that changes in schedule and artist participation may be made in the event of extenuating circumstances.